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Seeder is meant to bring children and adults alike the joy of growing anywhere all year round. With Seeder children learn about plant science and experience the magic of nature at home.

Seeder’s growing kits have everything that is needed for children to learn how to grow plants.

Seeder also has a mission which is of most importance. We help parents raise money for their children’s extracurricular activities. From each set sold, children get a percentage of the earnings.

 Our commitment to education

Seeder has offered for the last few years knowledge in the form of workshops for schools and daycare centers teaching how to grow food at home. We bring unforgettable and fun experiences to the children so they can become acquainted with the wonder and importance of plant science and foster the habit of growing food at home, check out our gallery!

Seeder is a bastion for knowledge about sciences and technology related to the future of food. In Seeder, we believe that in order to restore our environment we need to know about the future changes that will affect our lifestyles and craft strategies to better cope with them.

Through our programs we connect schools and companies in the area of food production to compliment children’s education and vision of the future of food. This intersection of young minds and knowledge-in-action has proved inspiring and productive in terms of learning outcomes and children’s’ understanding of their future.

Seeder is committed to the production of high quality educational content about food and the future of food production.

Urban farming evangelists

Urban farming has been around for quite some time. As a trend it hasn’t gone beyond the seasonal growing in countries like Finland. As the climate changes and our need to grow more food to feed future generations becomes imminent, we want to help everybody adopt growing food as a regular practice, done everywhere, anytime.

Seeder offers knowledge and a product to facilitate this experience. It aims to build this capacity in children all over the world.

Our coconut seed starters and chamomile sprouts

Our coconut seed starters and chamomile sprouts

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“The new way to learn, love and grow”

— Seeder

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